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Health Insurance Application

Our health insurance application is quick and easy.  It takes about 5 minutes to fill out.  Once complete, we will email you the best 3 health insurance options that fit within your budget.

If you only want a NO COST plan, you can choose to have us automatically enroll you so that we do all the legwork and you just wait for your insurance cards in the mail.

You qualify for private health insurance if...

  • You are self-employed, an independent contractor, or a freelancer.

  • You lost your job (and health insurance because of it).

  • You no longer qualify for state Medicaid.

  • You recently had or adopted a child.

  • Your recently got married or divorced.

  • You recently had a change of residence.

  • You were recently released from jail.

  • The lowest cost insurance offered at your job is more than 9.12% of your monthly income.

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